Instructions to presenters

Oral contributions

The maximum durations of the talks, including discussion, are

Plenary talks30 min (25 min + 5 min)
Invited talks25 min (20 min + 5 min)
Regular talks20 min (15 min + 5 min)

Presenters may use either personal laptops or MS Windows-running computers provided by the Organizing Committee with support for the MS PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) and Adobe PDF formats. Projectors used at the conference are connected via VGA or HDMI, so please ensure that you have these two ports or corresponding adapters if you plan to use your personal laptop.

Due to constraints of the main lecture hall which may limit the visibility of the bottom of the screen for some listeners, we recommend the participants to place most important details at the top of the slide.


Maximum poster size is 90 cm × 110 cm, portrait orientation.