Scope and Topics

Topic sections

TS 1: Nonlinear Wave Phenomena

TS 2: Extreme Light Physics and Laser-Matter Interaction

TS 3: Nonlinear Optics and Terahertz Photonics
Mini-symposium 3.1: Extreme Terahertz Science (Chairmen: Jean-Louis Coutaz and Alexander Shkurinov)

TS 4: Nonlinear Processes and Turbulence in Fluids and Plasmas

TS 5: Geophysical Climate and Extreme Phenomena

TS 6: Nonlinear Problems in Astrophysics

TS 7: Nonlinearities in Quantum Systems and Quantum Optics
Mini-symposium 7.1: Diamond-based quantum optics for bio-sensing and quantum information (Chairmen: Philip Hemmer and Alexey Kalachev)